Damn son!


The best thing about South Park is how Stan gets progressively more fed up in every season





this entire website


organic redux re-edit by softwaring

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this is a remake of an older retired theme. slightly windows os inspired, and packed with a lot of neat features this theme was really fun to remake. it looks like and is tagged with redux edit, but its not it’s an original theme! so please like/reblog this post if you plan on using this theme, thank you!

theme features:

  • 250px or 400px post width, optional transparent, fading to transparent, and solid color post background color options, optional hover permalinks, and optional borders.
  • options to show/hide blog title, blog description, post captions, and post tags.
  • optional high, or low, left or right aligned sidebar.
  • optional infinite scrolling, and fullsize background.
  • optional redirect your blog to a certain tag, bottom image, sidebar image, top sidebar, cursor, background, and favicon image options.
  • customizable post margins, and border curves.
  • up to 6 custom links, and 8 color options in total.
  • 4 image filter options: blue, darken, fade, and invert.

please note that if you want to redirect your blog to a certain tag, that you only include the first words of your url, do not include .tumblr.com and for the tag you wish to redirect to, just include the tag, no need for yoururl.tumblr.com/tagged/.


ok I was going to reblog this anyway

and then the one in the middle

and from here is where my birds watch me sleep

someone got impatient and decided to climb onto the other resident bird’s cage and freak him out


why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

where the fuck is his tail coming from? (me crying hysterically) i don’t know!

why is one layer painting so hard

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